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so i named myself help and the game told me, and I quote: "Help won't come."

cool was it just me or did Adrienne look like she had fangs 

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GENUISS I loved this, cute and creepy. I wonder why Adrienne did it...

EDIT: replayed it, I'm so shocked. screw you Samuel. Poor girl, I hope Adrienne is happy.

Oh my god. I PLAYED IT OVER until it started from the beginning. Fun and creepy.


Very cute and scary I love it! It reminds me of Ddlc :) good job! 


My expectations were too damn high. I expected this to be scary but, it's not. Not scary at all, dissapointing 


I saw the "this game is not for the easily disturbed" and Im getting flash backes of when I didnt listen to Doki. I dont know if I should play ths game now...


Same here, it's 2:30 am for me so this is prolly a bad idea but ima play it through anyway


Thanks for making this game.

I think that I have managed to complete it.

Are the four endings the following:

1. She tortures the character. (Something about eyeballs being gorged out.

2. She tells what happened on that night.

3. She tells what Giselle did.

4. She explains what Adrienne did.

Now, all I want is the story of Giselle finding peace, and Adrienne living a beautiful life after having avenged Giselle. 


you got all of the endings. congrats.

I might write more about these characters, I don't know yet


how do u get the other endings? like when she says what they did?

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I don't recall what to do to get the specific ending, but I remember the basic rule behind it.

the game is split into 2 parts, the first 'fake' ending (with the glitched screen), and the second 'real' ending.

You have 2 choices to make:

1. Ignore her in every choice.

2. Talk to her in every choice.

Using this information, the 4 endings are:

1. (Ignore, Ignore)

2. (Ignore, Talk)

3. (Talk, Ignore)

4. (Talk, Talk)

Where the first item is the course you play for the first part (Till the fake ending), and the second item is the course you take for the second part.

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so ill post my video on it with IT WAS REALLY GOOD GOT ME A FEW TIMES<3


Thank you so much for the let's play and I'm glad that you enjoyed the game


What a horrendous waste of my time. I was genuinely looking for a real dating sim visual novel and from the moment I saw the "this game is not for the easily disturbed" warning at the beginning I was sorely disappointed. The writing is so bad and it wears it's inspiration on its sleeve so much it's overdressed and now you can't see its hands. Not in the mood for horror right now.


I'm sorry


The tags clearly say Creepy, Horror and Psychological Horror. Maybe read next time.

How do you make the moving background and also the text's outline?

I'm not sure I understand the questio

I'm curious to know the code used for:
1. Animated background such as in the main menu.
2. The text's outline; usually font style like bold, italic, etc. needs to be added as codes, I'm curious to know the code used for outlining them.

The main menu background has several animations. It changes every time you play through the game, so show that you have made progress. For the most part, these are made using transforms and then added to the screens.rpy file.

The outline added to the text is really easy. I just added this line to the project:

define gui.dialogue_text_outlines = [(2, "#D20C81", 0, 0)]

Do you mind elaborating more on the animation stuff? Or if you could share any renpy documentation it would be helpful. Perhaps if you would rather talk in private I can provide an email or socmed since I don't think I should ask these stuffs in the comment section (sorry about that). Also, thank you for the outline code.

I'll email you


It wont let me change my name did anyone else have this problem?


No, if you picked a name in the first playthrough, then you're stuck with it

unless the game restarted itself


remind me if i miss a thing

A bit like Doki  Doki Literature club  but  its seem pretty cool .


awesome game that totally caught me off guard! i actually thought i was going to play a quite wholesome lil game despite raising an eyebrow at the opening "would you still like play?". ultimately, i was pleasantly surprised with the disturbing route this game took; the execution was amazing! :) keep it up





You fab to this, if you want to, I'm not gonna judge



not much of a funny one :)

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The entire game was about a rapist being tortured by a demon(?) and it tells the story of a girl who committed suicide because of that trauma. You may have been just making a toilet joke and didn't mean it like that, but many people  won't see it that way. I think it's perfectly reasonable that people would be upset by your comment, I think you should've listened to why they thought it was harmful instead of just writing them off.


This is super cool! I will say that you stopped before you got any ending at all. You have to play through the game a couple more times to get the ending.


amazing username you got there

Man I wanna see other endings


there are a couple of lets plays that go through the endings, if you don't wanna play through them yourself

Poor Giselle :(  How terrible of a person is my character? I've played this about 5 times now so I don't think I've gotten quite all the endings but I'll continue to play it until I think I have


As I said, there are 4 endings. By that, I mean that you can play the 3rd version of the game in 4 different ways. Doing this should give you all the answers that you are looking for

this is a literal bruh moment when you accidentally combined Yuri and Monika. Anyway, some minor mistakes in the paragraphs I found, hope you can fix them. Go through the video to know them ;)

this was really cool, thanks for the playthrough

good visual novel :) it shows you like Doki doki litterature club :D

it's like a sequel to it , well done :)

I thoroughly loved playing through Busstop Love Match, I could only get 3 of the 4 endings as one of them no matter what combination of choices I made was possible to get to the other ending. Regardless, I love the multiple usages of skeptical smiles, like Monika smiling sweetly in DDLC, along with some references here and there to DDLC. Also purple hair girls 👌💜


Thanks so much for the playthrough, this was so cool! I love how invested you got

i died, worst ending?

did you start the game 3 times?

To get the actual for real finished ending, you're gonna have to do that


what the fuck

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thanks so much for the in-depth comment. I really appreciate your thought on the game and I think you captured some of the main themes in the game really well.

yeah thinking about it I can see why you put DDLC references, and why if you choose to like manga you would've got a more in-depth answer than the others. The MC is a living fantasy where he is the MC with the brown hair that covers his eyes. In manga and anime especially in romance, the MC or ML are doing really shady stuff. For example, m least fave anime is ' Maid Sama. You know the famous one. Yeah, I hate it. Because it's just toxic. Like the ML found out the FL's family are poor and that she needs to work, to pay her tuition, so he blackmails her, harass her at work, and is an asshole to her. It's not taken seriously because the anime is. written in a comic manner. What I'm saying is the ML has no consequences for his actions and the MC in this story wants to live freely go one without any consequences. So I see why you put anime references, especially romance anime references.  

LOL, I just noticed something. The MC has experienced college, so he's an adult. Unless his memories have been wiped out. It's pretty gross seeing him like analise. Since she's in a schoolgirl uniform. This might be the reason why annalise doesn't hesitate to kill him and a hint to us that the MC was never innocent.

I absolutely love your game. Like from my analyst it is proven that you've put a tremendous amount of time into this game. Even the little things make sense once you pointed them out and find links. I might write some more so beware. Thx for making this game

sorry i accidentally deleted my first comment 


an enjoyable little game! it was a little hard to figure out where the story ended, haha. i wonder if there are multiple endings or just one?

The second playthrough of the game can go one of 2 ways and the 3rd can go one of 4 ways.

This is all dependant on how you play the game the first time around.

oh yes! sorry, i didnt pay enough attention the first time. i have 3 endings now! i hope i will be able to find the 4th one too!


holly molly you got me there buddy

that's a nice ddlc-like^^

it's a really cool game you made here

do you mind if i steal some code from it ?

Hey there.
Go ahead and steal some code, that is totally fine

For the unenlightened, stolen code? From whom/where?


So, I think what's being asked here is whether or not Ovium can go into my code and check it out. You know, see how I made stuff work. Then take the ideas and some of the code I have written and use in their own project.

Seeing as this game is pretty bog-standard, from a coding perspective, I have no problem with this. 

If you want to use my game to learn some more tips and tricks in Renpy, then I say go for it.

yaaaay thanks^^