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Scarred is a psychological horror game inspired by the amazing horror games of my childhood; like fatal frame or Silent hill.

The game follows the young girl Lori as she explores the hells-cape that used to be her home. The game is slated for release in early may of this year for mac, PC and linux.

Scarred follows Lori (Lorelai) Samedi, the child of Morrigan Samedi and Baron Samedi as she tries to find her parents in the house that used to be her home.

Along the way, Lori meets the police officer Clay Begrav who becomes a guide throughout her adventure into the horror of the nether word in which she finds herself.

Lori's relationship with her parents is at the forefront of scarred and  every move that she makes leads how down a winding path towards the realisation of where she is and why she is there.

The game follows in a long tradition of adventure titles that use the horror medium as its main focus.

The game focusses heavily on the story of Lori and what has landed her in this surreal world,  and as a player, you will manipulate her surroundings to figure out what has happened to strand Lori in her current state. 

The game is made with Unity 3D and requires very little form any system, so it should be able to work on most computers.

 Scarred is a deeply narratively driven game, and as such each individual character has a strong connection to the overall story. These are all of the characters that you will meet in the game.


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I love the art style, and the atmosphere in this is amazing!

Got to play the video too, really enticing, it was a great surprise seeing it released now. OMG! :)

I love this but what's with the numbers station?

This really gave me major goosebumps when I was playing it! I was creeped out by the drawings lying around and I didn't know what to expect at all. It is neat to see the backstory of the family shown through the newspaper articles, books, and the drawings. I have a question. Is there any significane to the radio channel that was written on Lori's wall? Other than that, this is great and I can't wait to see the full version of it soon! 10 / 10!

This game's really cool, the atmosphere, build up, the sound effects in the background, all of this shit creeps me the fuck out. I love it. But there are some bugs and misspellings throughout the demo I found. Including on the description of the game here on the site. I can't remember exactly where but I think I spotted a misspelling in the kitchen in the letter to the woman who needed advice for her boyfriend's proposal. There's a bug in the main menu if you go to the options and spam some keys in the audio/video section, it bugs out and I couldn't back out anymore so I had to alt+f4. That and the UI glitched when I placed the paintings in and the door to the trophy room unlocked. The inventory was open but I couldn't close it and every key but ESC was unresponsive. When I pressed ESC the game just closed itself, and going back in and pressing continue breaks the game, the trophy room is locked, all items are gone and the paintings are gone, Lorelai is still outside, and I had nothing in my inventory. So I had to start a new game to progress. Despite the flaws here this still was amazing for a demo. I'm really interested on the release, good luck on development :).

Made a video

Beautifully creepy. Looking forward to the full game.

Great atmosphere and design.We enjoyed it very much.

Gave it a go...

It's a really good game.I love the art style. Keep with the nice work.

final video on this game. hope you enjoy. looking forward for the next part. have a great day. xD

Okay, so far this game OOZES atmosphere and style with its presentation alone,so absolutely a killer job there. I Found myself immediately interested and immersed, and definitely wanna see where it goes in the future.

On the other hand... for a demo, this does end on a bit of a whimper. I understand you are trying to go for a particular feel and a big moment at the end may not be the main thing on the mind, but I feel as if a demo needs an extra hook by the end to leave the player extra hungry for more - and here, things just kinda stop when they finally pick up a bit after a slow (but effectively depressing) beginning.

Lots of promise with this one. Keeping an eye on it.

hope you enjoy my video. have a great day.

Really interesting wee demo, looking forward to the full release 

Hope you enjoy my gameplay.i am going to add commentary on my video soon, so that i can make it more interactive. have a great day

omg i must try this :D 

Played as part of a multi game video starting at 17:51! I really liked this game. The atmosphere was tense and creepy and the puzzles were fun without being too challenging. Very much looking forward to what comes next from you! 

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it was very enjoyable and probably one of my atleast top 5 fav horror games if not the 1st

thanks so much

*throws my water bottle across the room*

HOW dare you make a game this good that i cant buy yet!

Very interesting game. Cant wait for the full release. Keep up the great work.

Really great game, I like the art style. Left quite the cliff hanger.

i cant wait for the whole release.. switching from the z and i key is alittle weird but thats really it. the story is so interesting and i always wanted to know what would happen next

The game is great and while there's not much to nitpick about, I'd recommend having the 'a' and 'd' key be usable for the radio dialing puzzle. Other then that, great job. Had a huge amount of dread just from walking through the house.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

There is a terrible bug in this game. After the first clearance, after playing it, the little girl lori cannot be triggered, and the game cannot continue.

Great work on this game.

thank you so much for taking the time with my game

Probably the best game I played for a while.

Liked the use of ambient sound and the wacky key selection! 


thanks so much for the video


thanks so much for making this video

Whats the controls I can't start the game?

Amazing game dev had so much fun playing it :) i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

thanks so much for the video!!!