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This game was originally a paid experience but has now been made free due to the interest of the developers.

consider supporting this game if you can and if not, then just enjoy the experience.

Scarred follows Lori (Lorelai) Samedi, the child of Morrigan Samedi and Baron Samedi as she tries to find her parents in the house that used to be her home.

Along the way, Lori meets the police officer Clay Begrav who becomes a guide throughout her adventure into the horror of the nether world in which she finds herself.

Lori's relationship with her parents is at the forefront of scarred and every move that she makes leads how down a winding path towards the realization of where she is and why she is there.

The game follows in a long tradition of adventure titles that use the horror medium as its main focus.

The game focuses heavily on the story of Lori and what has landed her in this surreal world,  and as a player, you will manipulate her surroundings to figure out what has happened to strand Lori in her current state. 

The game is made with Unity 3D and requires very little from any system, so it should be able to work on most computers.

 Scarred is a deeply narratively driven game, and as such, each individual character has a strong connection to the overall story. These are all of the characters that you will meet in the game.

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorArty Farty Games
GenreAdventure, Survival
Tags2D, Creepy, Horror, Narrative, Psychological Horror, Singleplayer, Story Rich, Unity


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Hey, the game softlocked after I completed the painting puzzle. I pressed escape and the game exited out. I still heard the heavy breathing, but when I resumed the game, the portraits (and every other item) are gone, thus making the game unbeatable. This happened even when I selected a new game; for some reason, the game didn't reset completely, meaning that obtaining the first key and entering the house again is impossible.

Edit: NVM, got the game to work!

Made the last video

Made another video


these are super awesome, thanks for the support

Played it way back when it was just a demo so happy to finally play the full game

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Made a new video and the video from the demo

Overordnet er det et rigtigt godt lille spil, med en god stemning og en god historie. Spillet har dog lidt bugs, som dog ikke er et problem for at gennemføre spillet. Historien kunne også have haft lidt mere af et twist på spil genren, men det er bestemt et mindre problem. Men uanset hvad så er det et spil, som jeg vil kunne anbefalede at spille.

Tak for at have lavet og delt spillet med os. 

Hello developers!  Is there a difference between the free version and the paid version?  Is there any ending?  How long is the overall process?  I've noticed that earlier youtubers posted videos of the game with black screen and plot after the police officer shot, but the current version just ended the game? 


This is the full game, that is to say the version that used to be payed now made free

This game is awesome