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more of this please!

it would be amazing if there wwas another person who would protect her (maybe orange fox ears this time) from Bea! 

and maybe some rOmAnCe on the side XDDDD

Aww man,i really cant wait for the third part to see who is the man!

Very cute game, loved it. Dialogues are well written, models were great, and character design is pretty nice. I would really like to see what will happen next in the game. Continue it and the story!

Is there a third part to it now in 2020?

I think not


There is no plans to continue the game as it stands right now, though the rest of the story is written. I might come back to this game eventually, but this is where it stands for now.

Damn. That sucks.

Messed up to get people hooked and not finish it. Especially if it is already written up. what was the point in writting it without wanting to finish it? it's been two years so you willing to do it now or is your "channel" dead no more games atall? im confused and sadened by that though. oh well.

I played the first night not too long ago and was looking forward to Night Two. I did enjoy some of the plot twists in this chapter.  It did seem to be a litte shorter than night one though. Looking forward to the third night where I hope more questions will be answered. One thing I would like to know is how the horrors actually came to be. I'm trying to recall how The Horrors came into existence, but not sure if this has been explain.

Overall, story is still interesting.

Gave the second night a try and I gotta admit I liked the first night a lot better. This chapter had a lot of typos, and a few times where the text was off of the textbox. The cliffhanger seems like it will lead to something interesting, and I really hope it pays off and that Night 3 is even better.


I'd love for devs to make COMPLETE games instead of this chapter nonsense.  Please feel free to post when the full series is ready to go, thanks!

Yes I would pay money for the full series when it is ready if you want to bundle it.  Just bundle it all together; this separated episodic stuff is too bothersome for me to play.

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i think it is a good thing for them to post different chapter so people can play  a part of the game  to tell if they like it,the dev knows if people like it,and more people get hyped for the next chapter.but i do see were you are coming from.


That's what demos are for.  Or just ask one or two YT people to make a brief gameplay video of the first ~10 mins of the game and provide a summary of the rest of their experience.

I don't feel the 'episodic' games format has been successful in the market nor does it benefit game devs or consumers.  Sometimes game devs might go out of business or otherwise be unable to finish a project and then you're left with an incomplete story without an ending.  Been there far too many times to like the idea of 'episodic' stuff anymore.


who in their right mind gave this a -1?